“The hotel's location next to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is beyond any parameter” 


Lima Office

Address: Tarapaca Nº 228, 2° floor

Lima 18 - Lima

Phone: +51 1 469 4521


Since their very arrival, our guests report feeling "the unique influence of the environment" in the "welcome greeting in the Kukama Kukamiria Language" and "the enjoyment of a camu camu refreshment" or a freshly made juice using the best selected fruits of the season.

Our guests significantly praise the different menus offered every day in our EcoLodge. Dishes include the best of Loreto's typical food, dishes representing different peruvian cooking styles, and international dishes all this prepared by expert cooks belonging to the surrounding communities.

Worth mentioning the "Juanito’s vegetable soup " being described by our visitors as "something absolutely out of this world".

All this coupled with a round-the-clock tea and coffee service.

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Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge has recently obtained the Guest Review Award 2017 by Booking.com, which qualifies our ecolodge as Hero of Hospitality 2017.

This recognition reflects our guests' high level of satisfaction with the quality of our services.

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge commits to achieve excellence in all activities we carry out and keep making this a strong differentiator in the market.

Herewith some testimonials from our guests regarding the experience they lived with us

“The extreme kindness and dedication of the team took us up to cloud nine” 

Iquitos Office

Address: José Gálvez Nº 546

Iquitos - Loreto

Phone: + 51 65 22 61 37

Our values are clearly reflected in each and every comment of our guests"

Disconnecting from civilization is in fact a very important decision that based on our guests' comments "can only become real in Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge"

Our EcoLodge provides our guests with enough time and the ideal environment to redefine their own relationship with nature feel renewed and experiment new different and enriching convivencial formulas.

"Time to share with our family, talks by candlelight in the clubhouse, romantic dinners in the Maloka, relaxation in the Pua Kukama Spa or simply let ourselves be embraced by nature comfortably sitting in the terrace or resting in the hammocks room...

... all that without cell phones, TV sets, radios and the background sounds of the Amazon rainforest”.

Our guests say it, "You will forget the world, for sure, but will never forget Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge".

Get in touch with our experiences Eco-Tourism, Vivencial and Sensorial.

In the words of our guests, our facilities "have been designed in perfect harmony with its surrounding environment."

All our "cabañas" have spectacular views of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve from private terraces and easy access to our dining facilities, our Club House and the hammocks room.

Our "viewpoint on the top of a hill" allows our guests contemplate "splendid sunsets and enjoy the sounds of nature on its purest state. 

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“The hotel is perfectly harmonized with its surrounding environment"

“An amazing ‘disconnection’, a perfect get away from the hustling crowd of the city" 

Our guests particularly value our unique river tours that "capriciously get into the trees through the Mirror Forest”, the privileged view of pink dolphins and hundreds of birds species, all of them in complete freedom, as well as our “absolutely refreshing day and night hikes…" .

But if there is something we are especially proud of, it is how our guides are able to synthesize the ancient wisdom of the Amazon.

“Their profound knowledge about the fauna and flora of the reserve," "their ability to 'interpret' its sounds and secrets" and "their ability to get deeper and deeper into the world of endangered species", are aspects that many of our guests consider the best of their experience with us.

Discover the experiences we have created expressely for you...

“Restoring a vital connection with nature through the eyes of the guides” 

“Never before we had received such close attention, caring and efficient service on a trip". "The service was spectacular!", "They behaved just like your own family, with so pure and genuine affection that they deserved all of our confidence", "Every team member  was ready to respond to our needs and to teach us things about the food, the flora and fauna and the local customs"," The staff gives you the feeling of being at home "...

... The feedback from our guests about the excellence of our staff services is endless.

And that is because Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge efficiently combines the "subtle spirit of cordiality of the zone" with a personal commitment towards each of our guests."The expert guides as well as the kitchen and housekeeping staff, the boat drivers and the management team, all of them  put the greatest effort and passion in what they do", "they are always keen on details and manage to create a climate of respect, cordiality, service and closeness "..., which is recognized by all who visit us

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“A full stop with the specialties of our good friend 'Juanito', Juanito you’re the best and  your vegetable soup is something absolutely out of this world”

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge location just within the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve buffer zone is one of the reasons why our guests choose us.

Our 130 hectares of wild and preserved environment makes our EcoLodge the largest and the one with the highest ecological diversity of the area, allowing our guests to start a "personal communion with nature from the very moment of their arrival."

Our proximity to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve allows our guests to enjoy  the magnificent views and sounds of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve at every step and moment of the day within our EcoLodge. That is why our guests consider that in our EcoLodge "time is not money but the value of golden glowing sunrises and sunsets."