Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge has a long and acknowledged track record of initiatives on species preservation and conservation of the environment

“Since 2006 Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge has taken commitment on the touristic promotion of the San Jorge Community"

"Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge contributes in an objective way to environmental protection and the preservation of the values and culture of local communities 

Our guests can also be first hand witnesses on how Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge faces its environmental responsibility not only inside but also outside the boundaries of our EcoLodge. We share with them the spectacular results of the joint projects we carry out with relevant research and environmental preservation organizations such as the SERNAMP (National Service of Natural Protected Areas and the State), the CPU (Scientific University of Peru) UNAP (National University of the Peruvian Amazon), Research Institute of the Peruvian Amazon, and others.

Projects such as the preservation of the "Aguaje" palm, seeding of taricayas eggs, conservation of the arahuana (Dragon Fish) and others have reverted the extinction risk that those species were facing.

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge also supports various communities in the Yanayacu-Pucate area in spreading their efforts on environmental protection and the conservation of endangered species.

Likewise, Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge has facilitated the modernization of the artisan women group of the Community of San Jorge and has promoted the creation of the Committee of Artisan Women of the area.

Commitment with sustainability

In October and November each year, nature gives us an unparalleled opportunity at Pacaya Samiria to be first-hand  witnesses of a fundamental milestone in the life of the taricaya turtles, one of the species that were in danger of extenction until very recently.

The Liberation of the Taricayas is a process that takes place right after the hatching of the taricaya eggs after a rough period of 70 days of incubation. The liberation of the taricayas allows them to continue their life cycle of reproduction and repopulation of the species.

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge has an artificial lake with all the physical and environmental conditions to ensure that the release of the taricayas is performed successfully.

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge also offers the possibility of sponsoring the liberated taricayas and obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge's tour programs include visits to several surrounding communities and in particular to the Community of San Jorge.

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge participated in the organization of the Committee of Women Artisans "Pua Kamatawara" of San Jorge and now promotes their craftmanship in order to help them create a sustainable activity consistent with the conservation of its natural environment and also generate additional income.

Pua Kamatawara means "Working Hands" in the Kukama Kukamiria language, its members are direct descendants of  Kukama Kukamiria culture, fighters by nature and endowed with magical hands that transform natural materials like "chambira" (Astrocaryum chambira), the huingo (Crescentia cujete) and different seeds and plants into fabrics, necklaces and a wide variety of crafts that reflect their lifestyle.