Amazon Cosmovision

"… A personal reconnection with nature"

Another major goal of our EcoLodge, is to offer our guests the time and proper environment to help them redefine an own relationship with nature  both in the unaltered surrounding environment as well as in the tours and visits we organize.

Our "interpretation treks" conducted by expert guides, will allow our guests to achieve a “sensorial aprehension" of the surrounding environment.

Our direct talks with biologists and volunteers that have been part of projects such as the “Sowing of Taricaya eggs until its liberation" will allow our guests trigger unexpected feelings and emotions.

Our "Evening encounters about the cosmic view of the Amazonian culture" and our "nightly Theatrical representations of stories, myths and legends" of the Amazonian mythology performed by "mythological creatures of the enchanted forest" will allow our guests to understand the mystical dimension of the Amazonian vastness.

All this complemented by an "energy recharging" session by a descendant of the Kukama Kukamiria people who are the only connoisseurs of the secrets and benefits of natural products from the area.​