Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge is the only ecolodge with a Private Reserve of 130 hectares that significantly enriches the experience of all its guests.

The characteristics of the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge Private Reserve are the following

- 96% (125 hectares) of Primary Forest (unaltered) which conservation has been in charge of Pacaya Samira Amazon Lodge since 2005.
- Great biodiversity: +200 species of fauna (major and minor mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians) and +300 species of flora (timber trees and medicinal plants, etc.).
- Very representative of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve biodiversity and in particular of the Peruvian Amazon as a whole.
- The Private Reserve is becoming a "biological corridor" increasing the number of sheltered species with those fleeing from the disturbance of the surroundings.
- The Private Reserve is constantly being explored by the Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge organization and expert scientists in Amazon flora and fauna.

Pacaya Samira Amazon Lodge has developed a set of themed activities within the Private Reserve that are part of all its programs:

- Route of Primates
- Route of the reptiles
- Route of the Shiringa (rubber)
- Birdwatching of 140 species
- Night excursions
- Vivencial gastronomy

Private Reserve