Our Club House will let you access all the information you may require about nature, ecology and history from the area and have recreational games for your leisure time.

The experience that our guests live in our Ecolodge and its unparalleled surroundings deserves  a more than just a memory.
Therefore our Boutique offers local crafts, stuffed animals representative of the zone, polo shirts, caps, and a wide variety of souvenirs to take home the memory of the experience.

Better than a nap in a hammock is to get complete relaxation in our hammock room enjoying the breathtaking view of nature or just be embraced by nature comfortably from our deck.


Hammocks room

Club House​

In Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge we promote  activities that involve interaction with the residents of the nearby communities who not only visit our EcoLodge and show their knowledge and skills  but also invite us to join them.

Convivencial Activities

Our facilities also offer the ideal venue for corporate and institutional meetings efficiently combining concentration and teamwork with excursions and unique experiences.

In addition to the social activities that our EcoLodge uses to programs, we also offer the possibility of enjoying private parties or meetings for which we have the right means and resources.

Corporate Meetings

Social Activities

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge offers the possibility to book our EcoLodge for celebrations, weddings, anniversaries or any other special occasion in a unique environment.