Eco Aventure

Active sustainability

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge invites all its visitors to have an active role in its efforts to preserve the environment. In this sense, each group of visitors is assigned wtih a set of sustainable that must be developed throughout their stay in the ecolodge.

Once completed, the group will present the results obtained and each member of the group will receive a Sustainability Certificate and sign the Sustainability Book of Honor.


"…nature through the expert eyes of the guides"

Our walks of interpretation in the Restinga forest that surrounds our EcoLodge, will allow our guests not only be described on the local flora and fauna but most importantly  learn about the functions, uses and benefits of what they see.
Our nightly walks will discover our guests rare species like the demdrobates that are tiny frogs characterized by their bright and changing colors and poisonous peculiarity.

Along our boat cruises by the Maranon River and several “cochas” (lakes) as the Shiriyacu, we will be able to participate in the local artisanal fishing activities and simultaneously observe the landscape of this wide area of flooded forests.

Water activities are a very important part of our travels given the wonderful landscape of Pacaya Samiria. Therefore our canoe rides supervised by our experienced guides, are highly recommended activities for our guests as they are quite easy to perform and no prior experience is required to enjoy them.

Though climbing the "Mauritia Flexuosa" (Aguaje palm) requires a special technique based on a combination of ropes and straps using local materials, our experts and caring guides make this task easy, simple and funny to our guests…always taking care of not spoiling the “aguaje”fruit.

Participate in the exciting piranha fishing


The experience of watching pink and gray dolphins in their own habitat is unparalleled and their keen intelligence and easy sociability with humans can be quickly verified when stopping for a while and have a swim with them and enjoy their "unique pirouettes and dances".

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge is the only EcoLodge that guarantees pink and grey dolphins watching in all of our programmes all year round.

Ecotekking day and night tours

“Aguaje” palms scaling

Swimming with pink and gray dolphins

Beginning in our 5 days - 4 nights programme, we include camping activities in both within the National Reserve and our Private Reserve.

Our guests will be trained on orientation and survival techniques in the forest and enjoy nightly treks to see mammals of nocturnal habits and reptiles such as the tiny demdrobate frog.

Ecoactivities you will enjoy at the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve as well as at our Private Reserve